Our selection of food for your canoe trip

We can deliver your food, if you do not wish to worry about anything at all!

Sandwich: 17.00 kr.

Baguettes with chicken/bacon, ham/cheese, eggs/prawns, roastbeef, danish meatballs/red cabbage: 30.00 kr.

Open sandwiches on ryebread: 10.00 kr. each.

Potato salad with two Danish meatballs: 34.95 kr. Potato salad with roastbeef: 34.95 kr.

Curry pasta with Danish meatballs: 34.95 kr. Salad with Danish meatballs: 34.95 kr.

Pastasalad with ham: 34.95 kr.

Salad with tuna or chicken: 34.95 kr.

Half a pie with salad: 34.95 kr.

INFO – please order your food at least three days before your trip. Remember your own plates, cutlery, and cooling box.