Good advice and rules for your canoe trip

  • Try to plan your trip across the entire river of Guden to ease the pressure between Tørring and Mossø.
  • You will experience less pressure when sailing monday-friday.
  • Before you begin your trip, make sure that you can reach your stop for the night before 6pm.
  • If you have a long way from your home to the starting point of your canoe trip, spend the first day travelling and stay the night on site. This way, you can begin your trip the next morning without any stress.
  • Keep a distance between the canoes.
  • Never stand up in your canoe.
  • Always wear a life jacket.
  • Keep a distance to fishing equipment.
  • Keep a distance to the tourist boats.
  • Keep right for oncoming “traffic”.
  • In bad weather, be aware of the lakes – wait or sail close to the shore.
  • It is only allowed to light a fire on tent sites where there is a proper fireplace.
  • Dogs should not be brought along.
  • When tying your canoe to the shore in Ry/Silkeborg, be aware of the tourist boats’ “parking spots”.
  • Give others the same great experience you have had and clean up after yourself.
  • Protect nature.
  • Alcohol consumption and loud behaviour; There is a lot of focus on loud behaviour and alcohol consumption on the river as well as on tent- and camping sites. If any problems occur your canoes will be taken without refund.

Special rules for your canoe trip: Tørring/Mossø

  • Sailing is only permitted from the 16th of June until the 1st of March between 8am and 6pm.
  • Sailing is only allowed when holding permission.
  • Only canoes with 2-3 people and kayaks with 1-2 people are allowed.
  • When sailing in larger groups, you must split up into smaller units of 5 canoes at the most. Keep an appropriate distance during your trip.
  • Sailing towards the stream is prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to go onto shore at Klosterkanalen at Klostermølle.
  • Breaking the rules above will cost a fine.

Special rules for you canoe trip: Mossø/Fladbro

  • It is allowed to sail here all year, but try to avoid sailing between 18pm and 8am.
  • You do not need permission to sail here and it is allowed to sail in your own private canoes and kayaks.

General rules for the River of Guden

  • Before setting out on your canoe trip, you must receive qualified instructions from your canoe rental service in proper paddle technique and protection of nature.
  • Loud behaviour is not allowed.
  • It is prohibited to tie the canoes together.
  • Fishing and hunting is not allowed without permission.
  • Avoid damaging the shore areas.
  • It is prohibited to toss away trash.

Sailing permission for guest sailors

You can always contact Tørring Tent site at 0045 41675800. Each permission can be used for three days. Family groups with a maximum of five canoes are prioritised. Groups of more than 15 canoes are not allowed. The sailing permission is given from your canoe rental service when signing the contract.