Plan your canoe trip and see how far you can sail

Most people sail approximately 15-20 km per day. The pace is usually 4 kilometres per hour, which everyone can manage. Take a look at the distances below to plan your trip! With the possibility of using our flex stop you are able to change the final destination right up until 12 o’clock pm on your last day.

Tørring - Aale10 km
Aale - Aastedbro  4 km
Aastedbro - GudenåCamping Brædstrup  7 km
GudenåCamping Brædstrup - Vestbirk kraftstation  7 km
Vestbirk kraftstation - Voervadsbro  6 km
Voervadsbro - Klostermølle  6 km
Klostermølle - Ry11 km
Ry - Skyttehuset  9 km
Skyttehuset - Silkeborg  8 km
Silkeborg - Sminge11 km
Sminge - Kongensbro11 km
Kongensbro - Ans  8 km
Ans - Bjerringbro  9 km
Bjerringbro - Ulstrup10 km
Ulstrup - Langå  9 km
Langå - Fladbro10 km