Wonderful canoe trip with one night at a B&B

Experience a lovely two-day canoe trip from Tørring to Voervadsbro

Experience Denmark’s most beautiful canoe trip by sailing on the river of Guden. No matter if you are sailing with your children, friends, or spouse you will get a unique experience of nature. Do you lead a busy life style, a canoe trip will give you the peace to relax and find your energy. With accommodation at a B&B, everything is sorted out for you.

You can begin your trip from Tørring from the 16th of June until the 19th of October.

Remember to book your canoe at least three days before your trip. We recommend you to book your trip as soon as possible. You can sit three people in one canoe.

Der kan tilkøbes:
Extras: breakfast 65 kr. per person +linens 45 kr. per pers + an extra bed 200 kr. per person.
Lunchboxes and meat for your barbeque can be ordered when booking your trip.

The price is for two people in one canoe for two days, one night in a double room
Forbehold for fuldt booket til ønsket dato.
This offer is made in collaboration with Sdr. Vissing torvehal, B&B Toften